carron® windshield nano sealing for a permanent beading effect acts like an invisible windscreen wiper made in germany


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Front window polish with glass Nanover sealing for rain-repellent peeling effect

✅ car window polish with professional nanover sealing
✅ invisible windscreen wiper due to bearating effect
✅ rockfall protection by chemical filling
✅ brilliant view in rain and night – Safety
✅ strongly rain-repellent lotus effect on windshield
✅ ice scratching in winter is much easier
✅ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – enthusiastic users

Set contents: 1x carron nanover sealing, 1x speziel washer cleaner, 1x cleaning sponge, 1x cellulose polishing cloth


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Here you can get cheap carron® nano sealing for windscreens directly from the manufacturer


carron Car Disc PolishNover Sealing Lotus Effect Glass Sealing

Invisible windshield wiper by rain-and-rain lotus effect with carron car windows polish 2-in-1 professional set windshield sealing car – now polish with nanover seal the latest generation windshield

Improve safety when driving with rain-repellent bearating effect by polishing the windshield with carron® windshield polishing and safe nanotechnology

Set content for up to 15 applications

  • 1x Car window special cleaner 100 ml
  • 1x Car window Nanover seal 100 ml
  • 1x Cellulose polishing cloth for applying the nanover seal
  • 1x Cleaning sponge for cleaning with special cleaner

Youtubevideo – Safety in the car:

✅ Nanover seal for permanent lotus effect
✅ Acts like an invisible windscreen wiper from 40 km/h
✅ Protects against rockfalls thanks to more stable windshield
✅ Brilliant visibility at night and rainy weather due to bearating effect
✅ Lighter ice scratching in winter as ice is less attached
✅ increases impact and scratch resistance of the windshield
✅ windshield / windshield polish against micro-scratchers
✅ more safety in the car through better visibility, faster reactions

BRILLANTE SICHT AT REGEN AND NIGHT – with carron car disc sealing lotus effect

carron Nanover sealing polish improves the optical quality of your windshield by removing micro-scratchers and smoothing the glass surface. During the night and in the rain, the glare of oncoming traffic can be reduced and thus the safety of the occupants can be improved.

Brilliant view at night and rain with carron car windshield sealing by invisible windscreen wipers
Brilliant view at night and rain with carron car windshield sealing by invisible windscreen wipers

Visibility can be severely restricted, especially at night and in case of rain. carron Auto disc polishing can greatly improve visibility by peeling effect and reducing the glare effect by filling and sealing the glass surface. The better visibility is reflected in faster responses to traffic. In this way, safety when driving can be significantly increased.

Clear visibility in rain and at night can significantly increase safety

Rockfall protection – safety thanks to more stable windshield with nanover sealing

Polish your windshield to a high-performance, water & dirt-repellent shield. carron Nano disc sealing for the car disc uses state-of-the-art nanotechnology made in germany. carron Nanover sealing fills the microscopic peaks and valleys of the glass surface. The result is a barrier that polishes and smoothes the windshield to provide better visibility in rain, more brilliant visibility at night and higher windshield strength.

Stonefall protection Safety due to modern nanover sealing disc sealing by carron 768

How Nanover Sealing works for Lotus Effect and Stone Fall Protection

Using hydrophobic pyrogenic silica, carron Nanover sealing disc polish fills the microscopic peaks and valleys in the glass of the car window. For this purpose, optimized “material” is used at the mole-colear level (nanotechnology). Modified siloxane and silane olone groups give the glass or ceramic surface its water-repellent (hydrophobic) properties. The ideally matching particles enter into a covalent (permanent chemical electron bond) with the glass surface. The result is a water-repellent barrier that smoothes the glass surface, allowing better visibility in rain, more brilliant night vision and higher windshield strength.

Nanover sealing disc sealing glass sealing filling polishing glass surface

Application of carron Auto Disc Sealing Nanover Sealing

  • Shake the special cleaner thoroughly beforehand (must be milky white)
  • Thorough cleaning of the car glass pane with special cleaner under circular movements with light pressure
  • Applying the carron nanover seal by uniform and circular polishing with cellulose polishing

carron Car Windshield Sealing Windscreen PolishNover Sealing Of Invisible Windscreen Wiper Lotus Effect

What is nanotechnology and what benefits does it offer?

Nanotechnology describes the production, investigation and application of structures, molecular materials, inner boundary and surfaces with at least one critical dimension or with manufacturing tolerances (typically) below 100 nanometers. It is crucial that the nanoscaleness of the system components alone results in new functionalities and properties to improve existing or development of new products and application options. The nano-sealing means that the nanoparticles that match the surface structure of the glass pane or windscreen are introduced into the molecular matrix for modification. This fills and smooths the regular rough surface of the glass. The glass surface modified by nanover sealing thus becomes much more stable and maintains its superhydrophobic water-repellent and dirt-repellent property, known as lotus effect.

How safe is carron nanotechnology ?

The SiO2x material used with carron Nanover sealing is harmless to humans, animals and the environment and can therefore be described as biocompatible. In principle, in the production of carron nanover sealing, the silicon dioxide molecular chains naturally occurring in nature as well as in the human body are broken down into “smaller units” so that they can ideally fit into the surface and form a covalent connection to a larger molecular chain. This smallest SiO2 material is also completely harmless for the human body, animals and the environment, even when swallowed.

Invisible windscreen wiper due to bearating effect on the windshield windshield windshield

Bepering effect – invisible windscreen wiper by carron KLARSICHT Nano-sealing:
Video on Youtube:

How carron Auto disc sealing differs from other products

Nanover sealing polish for car windshield significantly improves your safety when driving with rockfall protection and rain-repellent abpering effect of your windshield. carron Nanover Sealing is manufactured in Germany. The carron Nanoversieglungs set differs from others by the coordinated components: 1. carron special cleaner for car washers as well as 2. Glass nanover sealing for car windows. Only by cleaning the windshield without residue will the nanover seal play out its full effect and the sealing barrier will form a covalent connection with the car window. This enables outstanding test values with extremely repellent contact angles of over 100 degrees for a superhydrophobic car windshield.

Stonefall protection safety with carron nanover sealcar windshield

Advantages of carron disc polishing Nanover sealing for car windshield

  • PERMANENT REGENABWEISENDER LOTUSEFFEKT – Car disc polish with nanover sealing for permanent beaceor effect by professional nanotechnology. Clean and seal your windshields or other car glass with the carron 2-in-1 Profi System Set for permanent water-repellent effect and the effect of an invisible windscreen wiper.
  • STONE PROTECTION FOR WINDPROTECTION – Nanover sealing fills the microscopic tips of the glass surface and permanent bondwith amorphous glass. The glass sealing significantly improves the glass surface and better withstands punctual impact loads. Damage caused by rockfall or hail is thus significantly reduced or avoided.
  • RELATED MICROKRATZER RAISES SCRATCH – the advantages of nanover sealing smooth the car window during polishing and thus also remove microcrises. This minimizes light-breaking reflections of the windshield and significantly increases safety while driving. Better visibility enables faster response times.
  • BRILLANTE SICHT AT REGEN AND NIGHT – carron Nanover sealing polish improves the optical quality of your windshield by removing microscratchers and smoothing the glass surface. During the night and in the rain, the glare of oncoming traffic can be reduced and thus the safety of the occupants can be improved.
  • 100% GUARANTEE – carron is convinced of its professional glass sealing with nanotechnology and its ingenious effect. Therefore, you enjoy a 100% guarantee of success. If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back. Discover other premium products for cleaning and caring for your vehicles. With modern carron technology you can make life easier and safer.

*RRP : Manufacturer’s recommended retail price



H225:Liquid and steam easily flammable.
H319:Causes severe eye irritation.
H336:may cause drowsiness and drowsiness.


P101:If medical advice is required, keep packaging or label ready.
P102:Must not get into the hands of children.
P210:Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other sources of ignition. Do not smoke.
P233:Keep the container tightly closed.
P271:Use outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms only.
P305+P351+P338: AT CONTACT WITH THE EYES: Rinse gently with water for a few minutes. Remove existing contact lines if possible. Continue to rinse.

BASE price:EUR 33.90 for 2 x 100 ml = EUR 169.90 per litre
*RRP = manufacturer’s recommended retail price


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