carron® hightech sealing for car glass ceramic with high gloss + lotus effect for easy-to-clean surfaces

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Use state-of-the-art carron® technology to shine and protect your home surfaces and on your car or motorcycle

  • High gloss and lotus effect surfaces on the car and in the bathroom
  • Save time and money with easy-to-clean surfaces with carron®
  • Easiest workmanship of our professional auto polish and glass sealing for shower
  • Sealing also with PTFE non-stick coating for car paint and glass for lotus effect
  • carron® seals car paint and glass surfaces with state-of-the-art technology
  • Top product reviews on amazon and ebay
  • carron® offers you the 100% satisfaction guarantee
carron® professional auto polishing lacquer sealing with lotus effect easy processing
carron® professional car polishing paint sealing with lotus effect brings new car gloss back with the simplest workmanship with and without polishing machine … discover professional car polish with german quality
carron® cleaning agent and glass sealing for shower wall and tiles
carron® cleaning agent and glass sealing for shower wall and tiles helps with lotus effect to avoid lime and dirt and facilitate cleaning … discover seals for bathrooms here
carron nano-sealing windshield polish for stone impact protection Lotus effect anti-rain
Increase safety with carron® nano sealing by protecting from stone chips for the car windshield, refine your shower wall to the easy-to-clean lotus effect surface … Discover

carron® professional surfaces seals offer many advantages

The lotus effect – after glass sealing of the shower wall shower cubicle in the bathroom

The leaves of the lotus flower protect themselves from contamination with the lotus effect. carron® gives surfaces a thin protective layer, offpells dirt particles as with the beading lotus effect. Surfaces sealed with carron® are characterized by scratch and abrasion resistance. The protective layer is transparent. The sealed surfaces are easy to clean. In many cases, rinsing with clear water is sufficient, as the water molecules are significantly smaller than the dirt particles and these are automatically removed. Cleaning with common washing substances does not attack the protective layer. The repellent lotus effect is preserved for a long time.

In the kitchen and bathroom, tiles and tile surfaces are exposed to special requirements. While in the bathroom due to frequent use of water particularly lime pollution are problematic, the housewife at the tile mirror of the kitchen often has to fight with stubborn traces of stove, pans and blenders. With carron® sealing polishing solves this problem. After basic cleaning of the corresponding tiles and tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, these are treated with carron® sealing. In addition to high gloss, this creates a thin surface protection, which, however, lasts a long time, is acrylic hard and with the lotus effect prevents the adhesion of water/lime or cooking residues or lowers them so much that cleaning is now very easy. Thus, surface sealing with lotus effect is no longer just a matter for men in cars and motorcycles, but also woman can enjoy the advantages of carron® sealing on the tiles and tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.

carron glass sealing shower wall shower cubicle shower separation tile bathroom for lotus effect and beaker effect against lime and dirt clean
Test glass sealing now – and save time and money cleaning with easy-to-clean surfaces

Save time and money with carron® glass sealing to clean the shower wall

  • Easiest cleaning of the shower wall after glass sealing or nanover sealing
  • Permanent lotus effect thanks to state-of-the-art nano sealing with iXtral® EASY GLASS
  • carron® PTFE glass sealing for acrylic glass shower wall / shower cubicle
  • Top product reviews on amazon and ebay
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

PTFE – Non-stick coating – Beading effect for shower due to hydrophobic surface

carron® processes quality PTFE for glass sealing of the shower wall or shower hood in an emulsion of modified polymers to permanently establish the connection with the surface and thus create a lotus effect. The modified polymers have similar properties to high-quality waxes. The treated acrylic glass surfaces are characterized by a high scratch and abrasion resistance, are transparent, high-gloss and easy to clean. In many cases, rinsing the shower wall with clear water is sufficient to remove lime and dirt, as the water molecules are significantly smaller than the dirt particles and these are automatically removed. Cleaning the shower wall or shower cubicle with common washing substances (also in washing lines) does not attack the protective layer, so that the durability of the PTFE protective layer is guaranteed for several months.

Nano-sealing shower wall and car glass windshield

Nanover sealing, also known as nanocoating, is a method of refineing surfaces using nanotechnology. Surfaces obtain new advantageous properties through nano sealing. For example, the contact angle with water as well as can be changed (by reduced coefficients of friction) that the glass gets a strong beading effect, better known as the lotus effect. The production of an antimicrobial surface is also possible by modern nano sealing.

Nano-sealing in the home for easy-to-clean surfaces

On shower walls and medical ceramics, the daily use and the associated deposition of lime and dirt creates a considerable need for cleaning. Shower wall glass can obtain the desired beaker effect or lotus effect by means of a subsequent nano sealing in order to become an easy-to-clean surface. Conventional glass sealing is working with modified silicone oils to seal the shower walls. Modern nano-sealing takes advantage of the amorphous structure of glass and uses nanotechnology to construct the appropriate nano-particles to fill and smooth the glass surface by means of glass sealing. With so-called water glass, amorphous, water-soluble sodium, potassium and lithium silicate optimized by means of nano technology or their aqueous solutions (sodium water glass, potash water glass or lithium water glass) are used to seal the glass surface by silicification.

Nano-sealing increases safety in the car due to lotus effect and curing

By nano sealing, the nanoparticles suitable for the surface structure of the glass pane or windscreen are introduced into the molecular matrix for modification. This fills and smooths the normally rough surface of the glass. The glass surface modified by nano sealing thus becomes much more stable and maintains its superhydrophobic water-repellent and dirt-repellent property, known as lotus effect. At higher speeds, this acts like an invisible windscreen wiper. Such a quality nano sealing is offered, for example, by carron®. In order to document a comprehensive experience with the nano sealing for windshields, the carron® nano glass sealing was tested at the Institute of Glass Sciences at Alfred University in New York.


carron Hightech Car PolishIng Paint Sealing Nanover Seal Car Bestseller Review Comparison
carron® car polish and nano sealing windshield buy cheap free shipping

With carron® auto polish system maintenance for high gloss with lotus effect

Surfaces are exposed to a wide range of environmental influences such as temperation fluctuations, sunlight, mechanical stress caused by washing lines and alkalis in winter to de-icing the roads. These influences allow the car paint to age quickly, corrode and form the finest paint scratches. With carron® auto polishing and paint sealing, you can counteract these processes and protect the surfaces. By carron® auto polishing or paint sealing, the surfaces of your car or motorcycle receive a protective layer that it receives. Carron® is important that the effort required to seal the car paint is as low as possible. The carron® car polish are therefore designed for easy processing even without a polishing machine. Please refer to the processing instructions and work in small areas. You can apply auto polishth and, after a short drying, lightly polish it out by hand. The shine immediately convinces. Of course, sealing with high-quality, but mostly tough waxes, yields an even longer lasting result. carron® products are much easier to process. Decide for yourself whether our carron® car polish could be the right choice for you. You can’t go wrong with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are always happy about your feedback, because we want to further develop and improve our surface seals.


About carron®

carron® is the brand for high-tech surface sealing made in germany. The philosophy of carron® is to offer products that make life easier and harmless to health and the environment. carron® was founded in 2010 and is a product brand of the latest generation, but it is committed to tradition. The ambition of carron® is to transport the home remedies secrets of our grandmothers with high-tech production standards into a new era. carron® offers quality products such as surface seals for a wide range of surfaces, which are manufactured in Germany according to the latest scientific standards. These products undergo the European Union’s rigorous approval tests. carron® does not distribute the chemical products produced in large production of large corporations, but the results of intensive research produced by resourceful minds and with high-quality materials. The quality requirement requires carron® to provide its customers with a 100% money-back guarantee if the promised results do not arrive.

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